Giuseppe Palumbo

In the eyes of Giuseppe Palumbo
 “Giving breath to a fistful of clay or pulse to a crucible of molten metal defines art for me. I strive to add the intangible that words inadequately describe soul."

Sculpting is the natural progression of decades of designing and building architectural projects. The components that make each successful remain constant: concept, proportion, aesthetic, execution. 
To arrive at these, the natural world is a source of inspiration and knowledge of proportion.
With a foundation in classical objective training my interest is not to replicate an object or being but to create a spirit or archetype felt as well as seen. I am curious by the unheard voice beyond the academic, believing that true knowledge is a subjective process from within.

For inspiration, technique, knowledge and wisdom I have sought and continue to seek the best artists, teachers and schools including:

La Scuola Classical Sculpture School Denver, Co

Art Students League, Denver, Co

Bella Artes, San Miguel, Mexico 
Instituto de Allende, San Miguel, Mexico

Black Rock City, Nv

Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, Sc

Loveland Academy of Art, Loveland, Co

Pietra Santa, Italy

Scottsdale Artist School, Scottsdale, Az

Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy