Frank Davi

Frank is heavily influenced by this past century’s best Abstract Expressionists most notably those from New York to San Francisco, the likes of which honor the walls of the world’s greatest museums and private collections – artists from the “New York School” like William De Kooning and his energetic layers of messy scribbles to Robert Motherwell’s very large canvases of simple bold black and white shapes, very masculine yet also poetic in their simplicity, similar in simplicity to the soothing color-field paintings of Mark Rothko.

Frank’s influences also extend to the Bay Area’s art scene of the 1940’s and 50’s creating what was known as the “The San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionism” - San Francisco legends, Richard Diebenkorn’s calming Berkeley series of abstract landscapes to the paintings of his good friend and painter David Park.

On a darker side Frank explores the forgotten or hidden colors and patterns found in nature. With introspective paintings inspired by the “unseen,” found in the shadows and in the caves or the depths - the dirt rather then the flowers. He reflects beauty undetected by most. He is inspired by the images of the haunting earth and body works by Nathan Oliveira and the gritty, grotesque fleshy masterpieces by England’s Francis Bacon, that resonate deeply in Frank’s work.

Born in New York, Frank Davi received an MFA in Painting and Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently paints and resides in San Francisco.