VM Ripoll Arias

VM Ripoll Arias holds a Bachelor’s degree from Sant Jordi Higher School of Fine Arts University of Barcelona. Spain and professionally started showing his work in 2002.In 1980, he founded “VMRA Diseño Gráfico Editorial” in Barcelona through which he collaborated with most prestigious publishing houses in the country.He has received several prizes and awards in USA, Spain, South Korea, UK, Switzerland and Germany.

The artist states "Reality itself suggests great esthetic and imaginative possibilities which I try to capture. I approach it to analyze a series of perceptions which I am trying to express to propose another reality.

“Suggested reality” shows in a few words what I am trying to describe. One of my favorite topics is urban landscapes, details in large cities through a palette of colors, lights, shadows and sometimes natural elements like rain, snow, fog, etc. All of them are ingredients helping me to better determine a fictitious reality. I like to tone down colors, I try to avoid too sharp contrast in images.

When I paint a portrait I always try to capture the expression in his/her eyes which for me is the foundation of a portrait. Composition plays an important role too. I like to use just black and white and, sometimes, a touch of color but without interfering with the final composition."